David Bowie and me

Like my friend Rob, I never got wildly into David Bowie. His passing, however, made me realise how he was one of those people who are fundamentally a part of my music history, even if they weren’t on regular rotation, or if I never got beyond his singles.

Dashboard 11

I thought I’d look at when I listened to Bowie over the last 6 years. It’s interesting – he was a real “binge” artists for me. The line shows cumulative listens over time. Look at how the line goes up in steps.

What’s happening? With Bowie, once or twice a year, I’d think “Bowie was amazing. I’ll put on his greatest hits.” And then I’d be listening on rotation for the best part of a day.

Favourite track? Before even looking at the data, my answer was Heroes. The data proves it –


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Ha ha. I just checked: I have apparently not listened to Tin Machine ONCE since recording the music I listen to. Hardly surprising.

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