What are the 30 most important Tableau and dataviz resources?

The amazing Juice Analytics list that jump-started my career

Thirteen years ago, I was a Tableau and dataviz beginner. The world of preattentive attributes, storytelling and blue/green pills was all ahead of me.

One of the most inspiring things I used to start my journey was Juice Analytic’s 30 Days to DataViz. It’s since been updated to a 30 Days to Storytelling and is, hands down, one of the best resources I had to start my journey with.

My homage to Juice, created for Tableau employees

I was so inspired by that, I created an internal version for new Tableau employees in 2013. You can download it below. A lot of the links are now dead, but you can see the kind of content I was looking for.

Now it’s 2019, the links need updating. So: I’m asking you, the community, to tell me, what are the 30 most important things to watch/read/listen to in order to get up to speed about the what and why of Tableau?

Please let me know by using the form below

Some notes:

  1. For now, this just relates to Tableau Desktop and Creators.
  2. Imagine this is for a total newbie.
  3. This is not just about learning the product. It’s also about:
    1. The community
    2. Data Visualization fundamentals
  4. This is meant to be a varied, fun experience. So feel free to include fun stuff as well as tutorials.
  5. Think variety: blogs, articles, videos, hands-on stuff.

I’m really excited to see what new posts are now seen as the most important ones. The form is below – please submit as many items as you want!

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