The Iron Viz Easter Egg

Hosting Iron Viz last week in New Orleans was a career high.

How did I ever end up with a job where I get asked to host an event in front of 10,000 people, with thousands more watching online? I’d like to thank everyone involved in putting the show together and our amazing contestants, Ludovic, Corey and Tim for their incredible work.

“Would you like to host Iron Viz, Andy?” I was asked.

“Hell Yes!” I answered, immediately thinking about a chance to live out a 35 year old dream.

Check out this moment at 12 minutes (my line, and Jewel’s response about my ears).

Now listen to two sections of Running Free, from Iron Maiden’s 1983 Live After Death album. The first is at 3 minutes (“loudest crowd”, “your chance”)

And this bit in the 7th minute (“Go Back to England”):

Do you see what I did? I was a teenage metal fan. I was always blown away at how Bruce Dickinson could control a crowd like that.

Iron Viz was my chance!! I did have almost the entirety of Dickinson’s script in the Iron Viz script, but the team told me it was too much. Also, they said I wasn’t allowed to swear. Killjoys!

Do go watch the whole Iron Viz video – it’s amazing to see how much our contestants can do in just 20 minutes.

But once again: thank you Tableau for letting me indulge my teenage metal fanboy dreams!


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Woah, I totally did not realize this. As a metal fan, the fact that you pulled this off, and the whole idea, is music to my ears!

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