The influential vizzes. In Tableau

So: can you recreate my list of influential vizzes in Tableau? Sure. Mostly. Here’s an interactive gallery. Whether you SHOULD recreate these vizzes or not is a discussion in itself. I leave it to you to debate this in the comments below. The supporting slides and more info can be found in this post: “SXSW: The most influential visualisation of all time“.

William Playfair

Playfair nailed it. It’s a great viz that also looks great in modern tools. Well labelled and nicely designed. What can I add? Um – interactive tooltips?

Florence Nightingale

Tableau can’t do radar chart or rose diagrams. That’s probably a good thing. I tried many different views but the one that had the most impact, I believe, is a stacked area chart.

Charles Minard

Thanks to Kim Rees of Periscopic – she did this one. It’s great. Again – Minard’s has more soul.

Hans Rosling

Rosling’s Gapminder is a modern tool. Tableau doesn’t animate so well in the browser, so while we can approximate the experience it’s not nearly as smooth an experience as the real thing.

John Snow

This one needs animated pages to work properly. My verdict? John Snow definitely did a better job

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