What charts would make your 5-a-side squad?

I just got off the fun webinar with Andy Kirk: AskAndy Anything About Data. It was fun to field questions from social media. I hope you all enjoyed it.

One of the questions was from Andy Kriebel:

We decided to take Tableau’s Show Me charts and do a squad selection 5-a-side. Andy picked one, then I picked from the remainder. Here’s the “squads” we ended up with, in order we picked them (ie Andy K picked line chart, I picked bar chart, he picked treemap, etc)

Which 5 would you choose?
Which 5 would you choose?

I was surprised Andy K took the treemap as second choice. Andy suggested that maps are overrated (shock!). We both agreed that boxplots and bubbles could be happily left on the bench.

What do you think? If you could only use 5 chart types ever again, what would they be?

The webinar recording is available here.


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