Germany vs the world

Here’s something I did back in March, but never shared or tweeted a link to.

Jorge Camoes, the legend behind tweeted this an hour before I was about to leave for a vacation back in March. I was all packed, and twiddling my thumbs, waiting for my ride.

This was a cool chart and Jorge had made the data available. In an attempt to show how quickly something that can be built in Tableau I wanted to see if I could do this in the time before I left for my vacation. Below is the result. Click it for the interactive version.

[sb name=”EmbedGermanyVWorld”]

I’m a big fan of connected scatterplots so this was a fun challenge. In order to compare Germany to the rest of the world, I duplicated the data source and blended the duplicate with the original. That’s just another example of one of the amazing things you can do with blending, beyond just joining two different datasets together.

The above is what I managed in about 50 minutes. There’s a couple of advanced tricks in the workbook. What advantage do I have over Jorge? Practice. None of the tricks in the workbook are “hard” – they are things anyone can learn. In that one hour I didn’t manage to turn it into a trellis chart, but given more time I would have used the work in a previous blog post to do that.

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