Let’s talk about text, baby

Sparkbar tooltips – not for the faint-hearted!

Today I delivered a session at Tableau Customer Conference all about Text, Tooltips and Captions. The one-line overview: if you want to make your Tableau vizzes look better – add polish with great textual elements. This post is a list of resources to help you out..

First off – the workbooks. You can download the Tooltips workbook here.

For the Labels/Titles and Captions workbook click here.

I’ve written lots of blogs about tooltips in the past – the overview post is here. From there you can click to all my other tooltip and text tips. I hope you find them useful.


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Missed this session at TCC13; very helpful stuff. I believe blogs/posts like this should go onto the Tableau Forum site, if they aren’t already there. This is just too cool. Thanks for making this available.

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