More music trends: am I binge listening to artists or albums?

Following on from yesterday’s post, I wanted to look at my listening binges. When do I listen to one artist or album for a long time?

Let’s look at album streaks.

In these charts, each dot represents a track. the dots go up each time it’s a consecutive track from the same album. The higher the trail, the bigger the album listening streak.

Binge listening (albums)
Go check out the interactive version – it’s more fun!

Wow! Pink Floyd’s Endless River has been my biggest listening streak of last 3 years. Fans of Floyd will know that album has lots of short tracks on it. Easy to have a listening streak, sure, but I did obsess on that album for that period.

Below I’ve highlighted other times I listened to Endless River – clearly I listen to that one in bursts.

Binge listening (albums) FLOYD

You can see there’s another peak for Frozen, the curse of all parents over the last 3 years. Look at how many listening streaks I’ve had with that:

So much Frozen. Let it go, Andy!
So much Frozen. Let it go, Andy!

How about artist streaks?

Binge listening (artists)

Yes, I listened to Gabby Young 108 consecutive times in November last year!

Notice also the binges I’ve had on Pink Floyd. I guess I sometimes go back and listen to the old favourites in big binges:

Binge listening (artists) FLOYD
The Pink Floyd binges

Go check out the interactive versions, and, more importantly, plug your own data into this workbook! I want to know what other people’s data looks like.

How did I do the listening streaks? I recreated an idea from this prehistoric post on commuting in the rain. I updated that idea with some tricks from this post on Previous Values by Jonathan Drummey

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