Really? Is *that* your favourite album? Playing with data (part 1)

Do you scrobble? I do, and my digital listening history is all up on I love having this historic record of all the music I’ve listened to. Using’s API, you can access all your music. Even better, you can get anyone’s listening history. And that means you can compare yourselves.

Thanks to the programming wizardry of my good friend Ben Foxall, I got full scrobbling history of myself and some friends. Here’s the outcome: 4 dashboards.

This is post one of a four post series. Click here for parts two three and four

(BTW – I’m TheGroover on

A summary

Let’s start with an summary of each person’s listening history. How many tracks? What time of day? Diversity? Top 10s? Check them out here:

[sb name=”LastFmOverview”]

Want more? Click here for parts two three and four)


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This is fabulous. I found this because I googled “scrobbling analysis”, and this is exactly the sort of thing I want to do with my data. I might give it a try at some point.

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