The SNP and Lib Dem are surging in mentions: Kingmaker influence?


When we look at mentions of the smaller parties since Jan, we see the SNP and Lib Dems are on a surge. UKIP still get lots of mentions, but now we’re into the campaign proper, are the media focussing on the parties that stand a real chance of making a difference to our next government?

The chart above shows a 14 day moving average. The rise in SNP and LIb Dem mentions is clear. And is the drop in UKIP mentions a trend?

How does this change in mentions between Lib Dem and SNP look across the different organisations? Most organisations have mentioned the SNP more in the last two weeks. The Daily Mail, Mirror and Huffington Post are the only ones mentioning the Lib Dems more:

(click here for an interactive version of the above)

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