part 3: obsessions

This is the third part of my analysis. (click here for parts onetwo , and four) In this post, I wanted to look at individual months and analyse how much we got obesessed with an artist in any given month.

This is the hardest viz to decipher. Each dot is a month of a user’s scrobbling history. The x-axis is the number of artists, so dots towards the right are months where the person listened to a larger variety of artists.

The y-axis is the total tracks for that month, so the higher up you go, the more the person listened to that month.

Therefore the dots that are proportionally high and to the left are ones where you had months that focussed on fewer artists. Click on the highlighted dot to see olorton’s Eels’ obsessed December!

You can also see interesting listening patterns. Click on benjaminf in the colour legend: he listens to LOTS of music, but his diversity (number of artists) is generally lower than everyone else. Then click on rich_81 – he has some very diverse months.

[sb name=”LastFmObsessions”]

Want more? Click here for parts onetwo , and four)

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