Hello world.

Following on from my first post about Stephen Few’s bricks, I guess I can now say hello to you all. I’m a data viz guy, who works for Tableau. I’ve been blogging, speaking and tweeting about the topic for years but my content’s distributed in many places, so I’ve created gravyanecdote.com to collect it all together.


My speaking page lists all the conferences and webinars I’ve done. There are links to slides/videos/descriptions where available. I’ll add new ones as they happen!


Most of my early blogging was for The Data Studio (now Interworks). I’ve imported all of that stuff here so it’s all in one place. Feel free to go back and review some of my content. I recommend the series of posts about tooltips as a great starting point. 

I also have a regular column with the Huffington Post. Check out my home page on the Huffington Post for a list of columns.


I’m not going to try and collect this stuff together – go to @acotgreave on twitter.com and follow me to get all my thoughts.

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