Sydney, 2016
Sydney, 2016

I speak regularly at conferences, geek nights, and other geeky gatherings. Here’s a summary:

12 December, Ask Andy Anything, Andy Kirk and I returned for the second annual AskAndy anything webinar.

1 December, The DataViz Debate. Andy Kirk and I battled over some of the big arguments in the field

25 November, How to apply the 5 Whys to data, Hub Conference Berlin

7 November, Way to Visualize Time and Design Tricks for Dashboards, Tableau Customer Conference

3 November, Big Data London

19 October, New Ways to Visualize Time, Brighttalk webinar

21 Sep 2016, 100yrs of Data Visualization, Brighttalk webinar

6 October, Beautiful Science of Visualization, Crunch Conference, Romania


22 June, Tableau 10.0, Tokyo

15 June 2016, TC On Tour, London

8 June 2016, DigitalDNA, Belfast

22 March 2016, Data Retention Laws: What do they reveal about you?, Data Innovation Summit, Stockholm (link to interview I did at the conference)

3 March 2016, The Beautiful Science of Data Visualization, Tableau Conference on Tour, Sydney

10 Feb 2016, How Data Storytelling Can Enhance the Way You Communicate, Brighttalk webinar

10 December 2015, Ask Andy Anything About Data. A webinar I did with Andy Kirk of VisualisingData.com

25 November, Big Data Week, London. “YOU’VE GOT YOUR INSIGHT DATA, NOW WHAT?”

24 November, I was a guest on Jon Schwabish’ PolicyViz Podcast

11 November, Tableau Webinar, “Dead-end dashboards and how to avoid them

19 October, I delivered 3 sessions at Tableau Customer Conference in Las Vegas

21 May 2015, Visualized:Political Data, Washington DC. I spoke about analysing the data from the UK General Election. Details here.

23 March 2015, RadPresenters, interwebs, Episode 12 of the Rad Presenters podcast with Stephanie Evergreen and Jon Schwabish.

20 March 2015, DrivenByData, London, “Will Machines Replace Analysts?”

17 March 2015, IT Web BI Summit,  Johannesborg, “The Beautiful Science of Visualisation” 10 March 2015, Gartner BI Summit, Technology Q+A Panel (audio and slides here)

27 February 2015, Liberating Technologies, London, “Data=Art: What links the artist and the analyst?”

28 November 2014, Future Media Forum, Moscow. “Data visualisation is key for future media.” (resources and slides here)

11 September 2014, Destination Data, Seattle, “100 years of visualisation best practice – it’s time to stop making the same mistakes” (slides here)

16 June 2014, Import.io’s Big Data Debate, “Visual Analysis: four talking points”, keynote and panellist, (slides here)

30 April 2014, Data visualisation: Big Data’s Best Friend, RIBA, London (slides here)

8 March 2014, The Most Influential Visualisations of All Time,SXSW, Texas

24 January 2014, The Zen of Visual Analysis, Oxford Geek Nights 34

5 December 2013, Elektrischer Reporter, ZDF (national German television)

24 October 2013, Visualizing Social Media: Blending Social and Business Data for Mobile Business, Data Science Day, Berlin

18 September 2013, Visualising social data, Social Data Week, London

8-12 September, Tableau Customer Conference, Washington DC:

15 June 2013, Drive the message home with the right dashboard, Tableau European Customer Conference, London

11 June 2013, How Tableau’s marketing team use mobile BI, Keynote demo, Tableau European Customer Conference, London

27 Mar 2013, How to integrate and visualise big data, Big Data 2013, London

5 Nov 2012, The 5 most influential visualisations of all time, Tableau customer conference, San Diego (a video recording of this session is also available on Data Science Central)

1 Nov 2012, Twitter Survival Guide, Webinar, tableausoftware.com

1 Oct 2012, How did evolution helps us see and understand data?, presentation, Strata London

19 Oct 2011, Expose Yourself with Tableau Public, Tableau Customer Conference, Las Vegas

Oct 2011, Integrated Storytelling, Panel discussion, News:Rewired, London

10 May 2011, Turbo Tooltips in Tableau, Tableau Customer Conference, Amsterdam

9 Feb 2011, Pie charts are evil, presentation, Oxford Geek Nights

Sep 2010, Hacking the TWB: What’s in a Tableau File, presentation, Tableau Customer Conference, Seattle (alas, my slides are lost!)

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