Green pastures

I have a new job, starting in late September. It’s with a technology startup you may just have heard of.

Yes, I am moving to Tableau.

I’m very excited and in many ways it’s the least surprising job move ever. I’ve been amazed by the product since first installing v3.1 * and have always harboured a desire to work for this fantastic, growing company. I’ll be a senior product consultant, helping grow the company and share its many benefits with the world. That is pretty much what I do already for The Data Studio and the University of Oxford, except now it’ll be my full-time job.

Between now and then, I’ll try to do a few more blog posts, in an attempt to hit 50 in total. It’s been fantastic blogging and developing the world of Tableau from the user perspective, and now I get to do the same from an employee perspective. I intend to be just as active in the social media scene, so you’ll still be hearing from me.

* incidentally, can you believe that when I started using Tableau, there was no Server product, and you couldn’t do the following:

  1. maps
  2. customise tooltips
  3. actions
  4. customise titles
  5. dual axes
  6. extract data
  7. keep your Excel file open while Tableau was connected to it
  8. maintain Print settings between sessions (oh, you still can’t do that – ah well, I will fight for it internally)


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Surely, I am agreeing with Steve, totally. A dream fulfilled!

As always,

Peace and All Good!
Michael W Cristiani

Andy Congratulations on the move.

I have been really impressed by your willingness to share many of the “non traditional” ways which you found to get Tableau to do even more than was possibly thought of by the developers. With you on the inside I can only see good things coming.

This should be great for Tableau.

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