100yrs of Data Visualisation: my talk from #data14

I had an amazing time delivering my session about Willard Brinton at the Tableau Conference. Today we made the recordings of the session available to people who attended the conference. If you couldn’t make the session, you can go here to watch the recording.

Along with conference session, I am on a mission to bring Brinton the fame he deserves, and am also cataloguing the amazing things he talked about in his book over on my tumblr, http://100yrsofbrinton.tumblr.com/.

If you coudn’t make it, I’ve uploaded the slides for you – you can see them below. Without the talk track, I fear they are not much more than just pretty pictures. Nice pictures, though.

Have you heard of Brinton before? Will you help me make him famous?

Note: the vintage office photos used in my deck are from the excellent Office Museum.

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