Arkham Horror LCG Investigators: the raw numbers

In my last post, I showed the most popular Arkham Horror investigators, by rank. I chose to show rank because it hides the noise a chart of raw numbers would create. Over on Reddit, nbcmayhem wanted those raw numbers, though.

Let’s take a look. In this post, I’m only going to highlight what I find most interesting. There is a link to an interactive version at the bottom, where you can go and play with the Arkham Horror data yourself.

Those difficult Survivors

In the chart below, I’ve highlighted two newer Survivors, Yorick and Calvin.

Ranks of Calvin and Yorick over time. Arkham Horror survivors don't survive at the top for long.

In the previous post, I’d mentioned how Calvin had been ranked number 1 in his first month of release, and how he’d all but dropped away after that. Looking at the raw numbers, we can see that William Yorick suffered a similar fate. Not only were they each ranked number one in their first month, they were miles ahead of the others. In Yorick’s first month, 13% of all that month’s decks were used Yorick. That was 42 Yorick decks, 11 more than Jenny. Yorick decks dropped down to 31 the following month, eventually hitting an all-time low of 8 decks in May 2018.

Calvin saw a similar fate: 28 decks in month one (10% of all the decks) got him ranked number 1, but from there, it’s been downwards every since. Only 6 Calvin decks were published in December 2018 (3% of all the decks).

Arkham fans love Jenny

Jenny Barnes' Arkham Horror Character Card

The community response (on the Arkham Horror Facebook and Reddit pages) to my previous post revealed surprise about the perennial popularity of Jenny Barnes (I confess: I’ve always found the card art kinda attractive – who wouldn’t love a rich dilettante with two guns?!). The raw numbers are below:

Rank of Jenny Over time: Arkham's favourite

She is a solid number one, stretching out a lead: 27 decks in December 2018, 8 more than Finn who was in second place.

Arkham Investigators: explore the data yourself.

Click here to go play with these charts yourself on the interactive version.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the raw numbers behind Arkham Horror and Thanks again to nbcmayhem for suggesting a look at the raw numbers.

Are the ranks or the raw numbers most important? If you show the raw numbers, the lines get too crowded and you can’t make out individual lines very easily. But if you only show the ranks, you don’t see just how far ahead/behind someone is. (“It depends,” as I wrote many years ago).

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