How did you share data in 1914?

Sharing data in 2014? Easy: just upload a picture to Twitter, or an interactive dashboard to Tableau Public, and you’re done. Anyone in the world with a browser can see your data.

In 1914? All you need is a horse, a cart, and a really big printing press.

The photo above, from Brinton’s book, shows a Municipal Parade in New York in 1913. The floats a position 1 and 3 are carrying charts about city spending. This was how they shared government data 100 yrs ago.

Are our governments doing any better today?

On the positive side, yes: we have and similar programmes run by governments across the world.

On the negative side? Well, congress still loves to print out some truly awful charts:

Go check out the page in the Brinton’s Book.

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