Clear and Presentation Danger: #TC18 preview

I’m very excited to be bringing all new content to Tableau Conference in New Orleans later this month. If you have ever put data onto a big screen, this talk is for you.

“Big screen”? Yes, that’s keynotes and breakout sessions, but it’s also meetings. Any time you plug your laptop into a meeting room’s screen, you are in “big screen” mode, and your charts/dashboards/demos need to change accordingly.

If they don’t – your audience will be left confused: they won’t be able to follow your data story. They won’t be able to understand the message. 

If you’re interested, make sure to add the session to your schedule using the #TC18 App (available for Android and iOS)

Finally – do subscribe to this blog, because I will be following up with a series of content based on this session. 

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