Visualising golf tournament results

Warning! This post discusses disc golf. If you’ve not heard of it, just imagine I’m referring to “normal” golf.

The US Disc Golf Championships, the world’s toughest, and richest event is happening this week. The leaderboard’s on the, and on the USDGC sites are ok, but don’t reveal very much.

Here’s my leaderboards, made using their data. The first shows the ranks of the players, showing you how many birdies and bogies they got. You can click on a player, or multiple players, to see how they did in each round (this viz will be updated as round scores are available; you may only see Round 1 scores for a day or so):

The second viz shows how we can use the data to analyse things other than players. Because we know how everybody scored on every hole, we can adapt the viz to analyse each hole, and see which played the hardest or easiest:

Both of these dashboards can be seen in full screen. Click here for the player dashboard, and here for the hole-by-hole dashboard.


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If you change your calculated fields from:
SUM(IIF([Score to par]0,1,0))
SUM(IIF([Score to par]0,1,NULL))
the thin red lines at the end of the green bars will go away.

(in some cases, you also have to change the format in the field pane tab from show to hide for null values to ensure null values are not displayed)

The last comment got gargled. In other words, if you change the return value for your calculated fields from zero to null, the thin red lines at the end of the green bars will go away.

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