Flowing Data Visualize this: News sources

Flowing Data have announced a new Visualise This challenge. Here’s my response:

You will notice that it is similar to the original. Why? As Nathan says in the challenge, the chart isn’t too bad. I chose to clear things up in order to emphasise the story. The original was too busy and the rise of the internet at the expense of other media was concealed by noise. Breaking the chart into small multiples in this case wouldn’t show this message as clearly as overlayed lines would. Making a stacked line/area chart also wouldn’t work because respondents were allowed to choose multiple answers.

Update: I added a baseline tab so that you can see the change of sources relative to a single one in response to Matt’s comment. I hoped this would emphasise Internet’s growth relative to the others. I;m not convinced this is better than the first worksheet. Why? Because the viewer has to do a little more thinking in order to understand the story.

Barclays Cycle Hire scheme – the first million journeys

Transport for London released data on the first 1.4 million journeys of the Boris Bikes Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme. For those who don’t know, it’s a fantastic scheme: turn up, hire bike, and ride around London. I think it’s one of the greatest transport innovations ever, and have had a hoot riding around London on the bike.

1.4 million records is a lot of data. In fact, it’s too much for Tableau Public – maximum 100,000 rows only. Given that restriction, what’s an interesting thing to look at? Well, there’s loads of things. The first thing I wanted to know was how far a bike can go in any given day. My analysis of the ten most rented bikes is below:

Thanks to Adrian Short for making the FOI request, and for so doggedly chasing it up. If you have any ideas of what else would be interesting to see, let me know, or, even better, download the data and get to work!