part 4: Well, *I* was a fan before you!

This is the final post in my scrobbling analysis. (click here for parts one, two  and three) Did you ever have the conversation that went “yeah, I know you like that band, but you know something, *I* was listening to that album way before you”. Well, now we have the data to see if that’s true or not.

In the viz below, I selected some of the albums that everyone in my data listened to. Check out the Feist album: Ben got obsessed with it way back in 2008 and hasn’t listened to it since. The rest of us: we’re playing catch-up.

Compare that to Hot Chip: Ben and HyperMusicX have pretty much listened to it as much as each other.

Click some of the other albums to see other interesting listening trends.

Want more? Click here for parts onetwo , and three)

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