Croydon Cyclone 2011

This weekend saw the Croydon Cyclone disc golf tournament. It was the biggest UK tour event for a long time, and the Croydon club created a tough course. Here’s the analysis of each hole’s results. As you can see, it was a tough event. Click on the holes in the upper chart to see score distributions in the lower section.

What do I take away from this?

This was a tough course. Check out how many holes had more bogeys than birdies. For the Open, it’s about half of the holes. For the other divisions, just about all holes were bogeyed more than birdied. In fact, the Int Ams only managed 28 birdies in the hole tournament.

What to make of the new and amended holes?

Hole 7, with an OB “lake” right in front of the tee seemed too easy for the top Open players. I think this dashboard proves that. The Open Division managed, on this hole: 36 birdies, 30 pars and only 10 bogies. The Advanced Ams were evenly split (14,42,20), so it played well for them. The Int Ams struggled (1,28,28).

Hole 9 saw proportionally more Open player bogey than Adv Ams, proving that we have too many open players who overestimate their driving and approaching accuracy!

I will leave you to explore the rest of the holes. Feedback welcome…

Golf score analysis: Scandinavian Open

I like disc golf. It’s the same kind of thing as ball golf, but played with discs (“frisbees”). Instead of holes in the ground, discs are thrown to metal targets. Just like ball golf, there’s a plethora of stats generated. This weekend saw the Scandinavian Open take place in Sweden. This is one of the biggest events in the calendar, and draws the top players from around Europe and the USA. The guys put the scores up promptly, so I thought I’d take their data, and visualise the results.

I created two dashboards using their results:

The Player dashboard

The Hole by hole dashboard